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Our goal of 200 embryos and 3,000 straws of semen per breed starts with the challenge of locating thirty females and ten males of each breed. Breeds are selected using the (PDF).

Livestock are typically loaned or donated to the Foundation, which offers the breeder a tax deduction for their charitable donation to a 501c3. Alternatively, SVF purchases livestock outright. With assistance from Tufts, we work closely with breeders and their veterinarians for all health testing, which is paid for by SVF. This ensures the health of both incoming animals and those already on site. Excluding infectious and inherited diseases is also a primary concern in cryo-preservation.

During the initial process, we learn all we can about the breeder’s livestock. One of the most important and unique aspects of our library is the collection of information and pedigree of every animal. The more the breeder participates, the more successful our library. All information—scientific and anecdotal—is stored in our two databases.

The transportation of livestock is handled by our staff. With a staff of 17, plus five veterinarians from Tufts University’s Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, SVF is well suited to maintain 125 head on site.

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